Why Won't My Car Start?

Why Won't My Car Start?In terms of car trouble, few things are as frustrating as a vehicle that simply won't start. While a car that fails to fire up may make your stomach drop it is important to understand that many of the problems that will prevent your vehicle starting are relatively small and easy to diagnose. If your car won't start there is a good chance it will come down to one of the following five common problems.

Failed Starter

The starter motor is what gets the motor spinning. The motor is fed an electrical charge that causes the starter to actuate its pinion gear. This gear is then supposed to connect with the flywheel and spin it, which gets the pistons moving up and down. If the starter has failed you will often hear a click when you turn the key. Which is the sound of the starter actuating but not spinning.

Fuel Delivery Issue

If gas can't make it to the combustion chamber then the vehicle won't be able to run at all. There are a few reasons why gas won't be delivered. The most common problems are a clogged fuel filter or a failed fuel pump.

Bad Ignition

Issues in the ignition system are another reason why a car may not start. Common signs of ignition issues include being unable to turn the key, flickering dash lights, or, if the engine does start, it may run poorly, due to worn ignition coil packs.

Malfunctioning Alternator

The alternator is what provides electricity to many of the systems in the vehicle as the motor runs. It is also what keeps the battery charged. If the alternator fails you may experience a number of electrical issues, such as dim headlights, trouble operating the radio or power options like electric windows. A failed alternator will also drain the battery, preventing the car from starting.

Dead Battery

When you turn the key the car uses electricity from the battery to get the motor up and running. If the battery is dead, either due to it being at the end of its life, a failed alternator, or because it was drained because lights were left on, you're going to need a jump start to get going. Talk to an auto repair technician about replacing the battery if the issue persists.

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