Common Signs your Car Needs a New Starter Motor

Common Signs your Car Needs a New Starter MotorIt seems so easy to turn on your car, as all you have to do is turn your wrist, right? Maybe your car even features a start button! Seems simple, but a complicated series of events occurs once the key is moved to the run position. The turning of the key is really the most simple thing about getting the engine pumping. That key basically creates an electrical pathway that allows the rest of the necessary starting events to happen, all within a split second. One of the first things that occurs when the key is turned is that electricity is fed to the starter motor, allowing its pinion gear to connect with the flywheel in order to get the engine spinning. If the starter motor fails your car won't be able to start. If you're having issues getting the motor started you may experience these signs of starter motor problems. Be sure to head to the auto repair shop to get it repaired or replaced ASAP!

Loud Clicking Noise

A single loud click or a series of clicks that occur when you turn the key is a strong indicator of starter motor trouble. What you're hearing is the starter motor actuating but the pinion gear is failing to spin.

Whirring Noise

If the pinion gear is not able to connect with the flywheel but is still spinning it will generate a whirring sound as it spins alone. This usually means the starter solenoid has gone bad and is not allowing for the motor to properly actuate to engage with the flywheel.

Buzzing Sounds

A low tone buzzing that is not accompanied by engine cranking is often caused by a flow of electricity to the starter motor. However, it is not enough to allow it to properly do its job. This issue usually stems from a poor electrical current caused by low charged battery or corrosion on the battery terminals.

Grinding Noises

A grinding noise that occurs when trying to start your car is probably being caused by loose bolts that mount the starter motor. However it may also indicate worn, broken or missing teeth on the pinion gear or flywheel. If this is the case the gears won't be able to properly mesh, causing them to grind together.

If you notice any of these issues you car is likely due for a new starter, which is a common problem in vehicles with higher miles. If you need starter repair in Asheville for any make and model of vehicle come see The Organic Mechanic. We utilize high quality parts and practices at our auto repair shop to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable. Give us a call at (828) 232-8120 the next time you need auto repair in Asheville and we will be happy to help!

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