Does Your Car Need Brake Repair? 5 Signs that Say Yes

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair? 5 Signs that Say YesWhen it comes to vehicle safety there is nothing as important as a healthy brake system. While seatbelts and airbags are great in the event of an accident, it is the brakes that could prevent that accident from occurring, as long as they are in good shape. By paying attention to the following common signs of brake trouble you can make sure you're able to get to the auto repair shop for service before it is too late.

Grinding Noises

Often times the first symptom of brake trouble is a grinding noise that occurs when the brake pedal is depressed. This noise means that the brake pads are worn thin and metal is grinding on metal, greatly reducing your vehicle's ability to stop. Many brake pads are designed with a device that will create this sound before the pads are completely worn away giving you advanced warning.

Soft Brake Pedal

If your car's brake pedal goes straight to the floor it may indicate that your vehicle is suffering from a dangerous brake fluid leak or their could be air in the lines. A more common reason for this trouble is that the pads are worn very thin.

Brake Pedal Vibrations

Does your car shake when you hit the brakes? It may be time to have the brake rotors replaced. This is the part of the brake system that the pads grab in order to create the friction that slows your car. If the surface of the rotor is warped it will reduce your braking power and result in the vibrations.


A car that pulls to one side or the other during braking may be suffering from uneven wear of the brake pads. Other problems that cause this issue include impurities in the brake fluid or a malfunctioning wheel cylinder.

ABS Light

If a light that reads ABS illuminates on your dashboard head to the repair shop right away. ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System and if the light is on it means that sensors are detecting some sort of problem.

Never put off brake repair! If you need to schedule brake repair in Asheville be sure to visit the team at The Organic Mechanic. We offer full service auto repair to ensure that your car remains safe to drive. At the first sign of a problem, give us a call at (828) 232-8120 to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Asheville.

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