5 Sounds that Mean it's Time to Head to the Auto Repair Shop

5 Sounds that Mean it's Time to Head to the Auto Repair ShopThere are many different sounds that cars make as we operate them under normal conditions. Most of the time these noises occur as part of normal operation, but on occasion a certain noise could indicate trouble. It's important to pay attention for new sounds made by your car, whether they are repetitive or happen just once or once in awhile, so that you can get to an auto shop for diagnostics! The following are a few of the most common noises you may encounter if your car needs service.

Grinding Sounds when Braking

If you hear a metallic grinding sound when you hit the brakes it means it is time for new brake pads. This noise is occurs when the pads have grinded so low their metal casing rubs against the metal rotor, greatly reducing your ability to slow down.

Grinding Noise when Shifting

A grinding noise that occurs when shifting is thus related to the transmission. This noise may happen on either a manual or automatic transmission, so don't hesitate to have the issue checked out as soon as it begins to occur.

Increased Engine Noise when Accelerating

Does your engine seem louder than it use to? Especially during acceleration? This may be caused by an exhaust leak which can be hazardous to your vehicle and yourself!

Engine ticks

Ticking noises coming from the engine area can be caused by numerous things, such as fuel injectors, valves or even notches in belts. It is important to have the issue checked out as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Knocking Noise under the hood

A knocking sound that increases and decreases in speed with the RPMs of the engine is likely being caused by worn out engine bearings. It is integral that you get this issue taken care of as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of complete engine failure. The bearings are what the moving parts of the engine rest on and they can wear out due to low oil levels or general wear and tear from high mileage.

When it comes to strange noises it is important to have diagnostics conducted ASAP. For expert auto diagnostics in Asheville head to The Organic Mechanic. Our auto repair professionals use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure fast and effective fixes for all kinds of trouble. To schedule an appointment for quality auto repair in Asheville give us a call at (828) 232-8120 and we will be happy to help you.

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