Top Signs of a Failing Power Steering Pump

Top Signs of a Failing Power Steering PumpYour car is a complicated machine made up of numerous systems that work together to get you from A to B. One of those systems is the power steering system, which relies on a power steering pump to assist in the turning of the car's wheel. Without this system, or if the pump fails, it would be quite difficult to turn your car, especially at lower speeds. Should you notice any of the following signs of power steering pump trouble, you'll want to get your vehicle looked at right away.

Whining Noise while Turning

A whining noise that occurs as you turn the wire is a clear indication that there is trouble with the power steering system. The most common issues would be a leaking power steering pump or some other problem that has resulted in low levels of power steering fluid. Running a vehicle with low power steering fluid levels can result in numerous other concerns for the rest of the power steering system.

Slow Response from Steering Wheel

If it seems like you have to turn the steering wheel farther to get the vehicle to begin turning there is likely some issue with the pump, again it may be caused by low levels of fluids. There is a good chance that you will hear the whining noise along with this issue. This is sometimes referred to as excessive play, and it may make it hard to keep your vehicle moving straight as well.

Squealing upon Starting the Car

If the power steering pump is failing, there is a good chance that you will hear a loud squealing noise coming from under the hood as you start your car. This usually means that the power steering belt is slipping off of the pump.

Hard to turn Steering Wheel

Another obvious sign of power steering trouble is if your steering wheel is stiff and difficult to turn. It is most noticeable when traveling at slow speeds and going around a corner. If it takes a bit of muscle to get you through the curve you will want to have a professional auto mechanic check out your car.

An operational power steering pump is critical to the safe operation of your car. If you believe you need power steering pump repair in Asheville, head to The Organic Mechanic. We strive to provide expert auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models in an environmentally conscious manner. To learn more about our services, or to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Asheville, give our team a call at (828) 232-8120 today.

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Posted: April 24, 2020

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